My Channeling

My channeling began very lighthearted.  I began by communicating with my grandma that had passed as more or less an experiment to reconnect with her.  As I found my channels with her strengthened, I decided to channel other deceased loved ones.

I had many family members and loved ones come through with messages. I thought that perhaps I could be a medium for others in channeling their guides for this life or past loved ones.

As I progressed in my channeling and did a lot of focus on healing the shadows within myself, I had many beings from other planets coming through.  I knew they were not from Earth because their energy is quite high and I now know looking back, that is was important for me to heal in order to raise my vibration.  As my vibration rose and I opened my heart to become a more loving being, I was able to channel these beings from other worlds.

Progressing further, I have been asked to channel specifically (for now) the Egyptian time period or Mesopotamian Era (around 1000 bc-1000 ad).

WARNING: The information I channel is NOT lighthearted.  It touches on what many would call conspiracies or “out there” stuff.  I am fully aware of this.  I don’t judge what has been given to me- I am asked to just put the information out there and let viewers decide.

WARNING #2: Some of the beings that my Guides have brought through for me are DARK.  By Dark, I mean they have been brought forward to represent the other side.  The side of what we call negative- Domination, Control, Power.

Try not to focus on what my language filters have set forth, but the actual information and decide what is best for you at this time.

Remember: We are love; all other emotions are an ILLUSION