The Truth about Utah Ritual Abuse with Tara Tulley

Tara Tulley is a licensed clinical social worker in Utah County.  In this episode we talk about ritualized sexual abuse in Utah, some of the misconceptions with ritual abuse, and what type of treatment is available. Tara has a few other resources to help educate in the realm of ritual abuse. Utah has been found to be a leader in victims of ritualized abuse perhaps do to the heavy spiritual culture.  

What is the Reincarnated Mormon Podcast About?

This is the introduction to what the Reincarnated Mormon podcast is all about. In this episode, I talk about my awakening story out of the Mormon faith and into extra sensory practices. Extra sensory practices include developing intuition, psychic ability, remote viewing, and learning beyond the five senses. This is my background story as well as setting the intent to interview all talk with others who have also come out of religious dogma and into alternative spiritual practices.