Why Channeling?

Growing up as a member of the LDS (Mormon) faith, we were advised not to seek the guidance from mediums or any that claim to have the ability to speak on behalf of spirit, offering spiritual guidance or direction for one’s path.

I understand the dangers in doing this.  People could potentially hang onto the words of theses mediums and focus solely on what guidance was given, ignoring their own heart and free will.

But wait, is that not what the members do anyway as we were told to only listen to the prophet and leaders?  There were many times I ignored my unfulfilled heart in order to follow the leader’s guidance.  I followed the guidance down a path I really had no true desire being apart of.

On the LDS Church website, there is an article titled:

Searching the Scriptures: What the Scriptures Say about Astrology, Divination, Spirit Mediums, Magic, Wizardry, and Necromancy

In the article it lists several scriptures, referencing the idea that God does not approve of any other person to speak His words, be it only the designated Prophet.

“It is clearly seen from the foregoing passages that belief in astrology, spirit mediums, etc., did not constitute the true religion taught by the prophets and patriarchs, but was characteristic of the false religions practiced by the surrounding nations that had departed from the Lord.”

“Thus, the message of the entire passage is that Israel should not look to the fortuneteller and astrologer for spiritual guidance, for the God of heaven will speak to his people through his own appointed servants, the prophets.”

Let’s not be afraid of the other perspective and let our heart guide us.

As I channel, I set aside my ego, who I am in this body and listen to the guidance from spirit answering questions such as:

What is my soul’s purpose?

How are my deceased loved ones?

What am I to learn from this experience?

How am I to improve my life?

 These suggestions are on behalf of your unique and specific questions.  No answer is the same as each person feels completely different.

I only work with the greater good and with information that will benefit.  I ask my Spirit Guides to bring your Guides forward in this process.  I then feel a sense of what direction or guidance is most in need.

All of this is for you to accept or disregard.  It is always optional to take the guidance.  So in summary,

Follow your heart, not the given direction



Channeling Princess Diana

This channeling session was extraordinary for me.  I decided to play around with the idea of Channeling Princess Diana last night and brought her through my consciousness.  We had a casual conversation and I asked if she would be willing to do a public interview with me.  She agreed and the video is the YouTube link to that session.

“How can you experience fullness of your heart if you don’t first experience a bit of loosing it.”

-Princess Diana (from this Channeling)

I felt so connected to her after this experience.  I understood the deep emotions she gave to me as she was speaking about her sons and being a mother because I feel the same way about my own sons.

This is a wonderful message about family and the demands of others verses following your heart.  It is heartfelt and I thank her for the truly wonderful experience she gave me.

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My Channeling

My channeling began very lighthearted.  I began by communicating with my grandma that had passed as more or less an experiment to reconnect with her.  As I found my channels with her strengthened, I decided to channel other deceased loved ones.

I had many family members and loved ones come through with messages. I thought that perhaps I could be a medium for others in channeling their guides for this life or past loved ones.

As I progressed in my channeling and did a lot of focus on healing the shadows within myself, I had many beings from other planets coming through.  I knew they were not from Earth because their energy is quite high and I now know looking back, that is was important for me to heal in order to raise my vibration.  As my vibration rose and I opened my heart to become a more loving being, I was able to channel these beings from other worlds.

Progressing further, I have been asked to channel specifically (for now) the Egyptian time period or Mesopotamian Era (around 1000 bc-1000 ad).

WARNING: The information I channel is NOT lighthearted.  It touches on what many would call conspiracies or “out there” stuff.  I am fully aware of this.  I don’t judge what has been given to me- I am asked to just put the information out there and let viewers decide.

WARNING #2: Some of the beings that my Guides have brought through for me are DARK.  By Dark, I mean they have been brought forward to represent the other side.  The side of what we call negative- Domination, Control, Power.

Try not to focus on what my language filters have set forth, but the actual information and decide what is best for you at this time.

Remember: We are love; all other emotions are an ILLUSION