Intuitive Reading

Your Guides and Loved Ones are waiting to hear from you.

What will they say…

Two Types of Readings (both can be incorporated into one session depending on what is needed.)

A Psychic/ Intuitive Reading is when I connect into your energy and relay information based on what is felt extra-sensory either through thoughts, hearing, feelings,  or images.  Because we are all connected, I do not need to be in physical proximity to you in order to read your energy.  This reading is most beneficial when asking questions about love, career, self healing, and knowledge in regards to your own journey.

A Channeled Message is when a loved one comes through during a session to deliver a message.  The soul can connect into my energy and deliver a message for the highest good for healing and understanding.  I typically like the souls to come forward as they wish rather than invoking them.  It leaves a more pure reading.

Due to the negative impact it can have on human consciousness, I do not channel any ascended Masters (i.e. Yeshua), famous individuals, or ET’s unless they present themselves.  Invoking this has proven to be overall not beneficial rather than expansive in my personal practice and experience.

I choose to work more closely with the individual soul- YOU!


  1. How do you conduct your personal channeling sessions? I will contact you by phone; however, I can do Skype or Zoom if you wish.  Simply request the preferred method in the Comments.
  2. How can I prepare for my session? Make a list of 3-4 questions.  These can be areas you are seeking guidance for.  The best readings will be ones with questions based on what the individual soul is desiring. It will only be of the highest good.
  3. How much do the sessions cost? My channeling sessions are $99 for 1 hour and $55 for half hour.  I have found that first time clients do well with an initial 1 hour as typically all questions can be answered in depth within an hours’ time.
  4. How will I know what time our session is?  I am in Mountain  Daylight Time Zone; however, you will select the time that corresponds with the time zone you are in.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the time in YOUR time zone.

Terms and Conditions

  1. A Cancellation or Reschedule notice needs to be given 24 hours prior.  If there is a “no show” at the appointment, or if I cannot get in contact with you within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, no refunds will be given.  You may reschedule within the 24 hour window, otherwise a new appointment will have to be made with full payment.
  2. Although guides will sometimes direct the client into a general perspective and direction, the reading is NOT a substitute for financial, medical, or legal services.