King Leonidas

Who is this?

King Leonidas

Why have you come through in my channel?

I came to you because I need you to know the truth of what happened a long time ago. I am not that man who died for Sparta.  I am a warrior.

What happened during your last war?

I shed my blood for them.


Who is them?

My people. It was time for my exit.

You were one of the only kings that went through the spartan training program, agoge, true?

Yes, I wanted it that way.  I wanted to fight. Unlike my brothers, they did not know how to fight.


You wanted to conquer?

I needed to conquer.  It is what my being strives for.  What my being lives for if you want to use those terms.  Conquering is everything to us.

To who?

To my planet.

Why did you appear unlike human to me?

I am not human. I never was.

What were you?


What is that?

From serpent race.

Why did you look human in your lifetime?

I knew how to shape-shift. I can use my energy to change into any appearance I want.  Many of us had this knowledge or this technology as Humans might call it. We know how to manipulate energy very well and integrate ourselves into the appearance of any form we want to physically express.

Tell me what to call this race?

We are from the stars. We have our own galaxy. our own constellation. The serpant race exceeds far beyond your own. We can also be referred to as Draconian race as you humans have referred to us before.


Is there a difference between Draco and serpent?

Not really. Serpent is more like a snake or reptile. Draco is more like a dragon. Different energy, same agenda typically.

What about reptoid you mentioned?

That is part of the serpent race. It is an extension thereof.  Very similar.

So you desire to conquer other planets?


After you conquer, then what?

We rule supreme. We establish order and control over the masses.

This makes your kind happy?

oh yes very much so.

Do you not have compassion?

We do not understand compassion in the way you humans do.

How do you?

We organize order. When there is order, there is less fighting amongst the masses.  We offer protection for the masses in exchange for complete control and dominance.

Can you tell me when you first came to earth?

eons eons eons.


We created them.

Before them?

A little. Mainly for mining

Mining what?

Metals. Precious golds, silvers, anything that our planet can use for energy.

Explain the inbreeding in Sparta?

To ensure no contamination to the genetics. In order to ensure we could match to the energy we had to make sure the dna code would match this as well.  Otherwise, we consider this contamination and we can no longer gain appropriate control of the body.

Did you inbreed with humans?



we become one with them

You had sex with the females?

We have a certain breeding process we do. It has more to do with energy than sex like you have now. In those times it was more energy based, but I will have a difficult time describing this to you as it is beyond your comprehension.  Perhaps a later time.


I understand.  Did a group of your kind move away from others developed areas and create Sparta?

Sparta was a breeding program. That’s all Sparta was designed for. Interbreeding and developing the technology to become human form.

Before you were not human form but your true form?


You looked reptoid?

We looked liked beasts.

What do you mean?

Humans could distinguish us too easily. We stood out with our appearance.  We needed to blend in. Become a part of the human race if we were truly going to conquer.

Can you hurt me?

Not physically. I can manipulate energy. Whether I use this knowledge is my choice as well as yours.

How is it mine if I do not know?

Humans should be more aware of what is going on within themselves.  Their own energy.  It is far more delicate than most think.

It can be manipulated?

Yes, very easily.  I am here at this time to teach. I do not wish to conquer Earth anymore.

Are there others still here trying to conquer?


You are trying to let humans know?

I want my kind to move on. The conquer is over.

What do you mean?

It is time for Earth to move forward. We care for Earth as a planet and there are those of us who understand that we are destroying the planet. We understand energy and Earth is hurting and it is causing an unwanted vibration in the galaxy.

So it is now affecting your own planet?

That is correct. We hear the suffering too much. It is causing disruption within our own galaxy.


Do you mean the air or biological warfare?

Earth as a whole is suffering from everything. It is throwing many other planets out of vibration alignment of optimal functioning.

What can be done?

It is up to humanity to understand that they were never free.  This is all an illusion to keep commanders in control of the masses.  Nothing is what you think it is. Nothing really ever has been since my time.

What else would you say to humanity?

Don’t give up on your planet. It needs you at this time. It is in dire need of surviving.

What will happen if humanity doesn’t care?

Ultimate Destruction.

Explain what you mean?

Your planet needs care. In order to have this, people have to wake up to what is going on. If they choose not to and continue their ways, Earth will begin to self destruct itself and we cannot stop it. If Earth begins destruction it will affect the energy throughout all the galaxies. My planet will be affected as well as others.


Has this ever happened before in the galaxies?

Yes, but not quite this extreme. Earth has connections to these other planets and thus it will be more deeply affected. Earth will pull other galaxies out of alignment. We cannot have this.


What will happen to the other galaxies?

Some will have to restart what has been already built.  It could potentially change the atmosphere in which will affect the energy and kill off certain species of beings.  Our survival depends on this.  We didn’t know our experimenting with the human genome would result in galaxy destruction.

What else can I add at this time?

Be alert to what is going on. Nothing is as it seems.


What do you mean?

The leaders know everything. Do not trust your leaders. They understand the genetic bloodline and how it can match to certain energy in order to facilitate domination.  This is ancient knowledge. It has never been forgotten in some families.

So you are saying your kind is still here?

The more advanced ones are not. We have left and are onto other missions.  Those looking to increase their ranks within our planetary structure, know this knowledge of how to use the human energy and remain. We find it childish now. Many of us that came so long ago have advanced out of this range of consciousness, but we taught our own kind how to use this technology to conquer and they have come and stayed.  Some have moved on, some still want to control the masses of humanity.  It is still quite fun. It pleases them as well as gives them ranking on our planet. Not too high of ranking anymore, because of what we have found that it is doing to Earth. But there is still some respect in this domination process.

Do you have females on your planet?

We have female energy yes

Do you have children?

Yes, but not like children on Earth. They are breed for certain purposes. Mostly military, or research. We all have our duty and we do our best to uphold that purpose and duty. We dont ask too many questions, we just do.

It sounds like you understand genetics and breeding well?

We are masters at this knowledge.  We have mastered it in many ways.  Continually research is done.  We don’t know everything there is to know, but we can create life typically anwhere and breed energy for whatever purpose we desire.  Whatever ultimate goal we desire. Humans are still learning that genetics can breed a certain type of personality or energy.  If you know how this works, you can breed for certain personality.

You can breed a person who is energetically aligned with being more aggressive, domineering, less compassionate, insensitive.  We know how to do this- this is why Sparta began.  To breed warriors.  No compassion was allowed- that energy was killed off.  We knew what to look for in the genetic breeding line for warriors and then we gave external training to enforce the energy within.  This went on beyond Sparta and continued after we established the breeding process.


Rome participated in this breeding process yes.  They had more of a mix with other beings as well, but were careful to make sure the genetic code was a match for optimal leadership and domination.  There was also intelligence that Rome placed in their genetic coding that we had not had in Sparta.  We concentrated on the warrior traits, but it was later found out that intelligence was important in order to establish democracy and appropriate leadership.

Do you work with other beings from other planets?

On different agendas or experiments yes.  Not on everything.  When it comes to genetics we feel we know more than some other beings.  We are completely knowledgeable in this topic, but we work with other beings on how to establish appropriate energy as we can often be known to be imbalanced.  We have worked closely with other beings on how to keep energy more balanced.  We have found that compassion is actually necessary in optimal genetic coding, even in a leader.

Why is this?

Humans can relate to compassion as well as most other beings.  Some do not relate to this at all and thus it is important to minimize the extremity of compassion in the energy field.  We still feel it important to have some of this.

Do you understand love?

We do not feel it the same as humans.  We understand propably more so than humans though.

Why is this?

Because we know what it isn’t. And just because we don’t feel it the same doesn’t mean we are not in some way one with it.  We know we are apart of the oneness of love.  But we don’t feel it like others.  It is more of a knowing and an understanding verses a feeling.

So you don’t want to hug or kiss to express this?

No, we don’t have to show it because it is already known that we have it.  This kissing and hugging is a love demonstration that humans do and some other species, but we don’t feel the need to do this because our being just knows what it is and doesn’t really have the desire to seek it like other beings.


You sound very intelligent, very scientific.

We have been what you would call scientists for eons.  Our kind have existed for so long it is beyond human comprehension.  We are scientists, explorers, warriors.  We know what we did to the human race was out of our own expansion desires.  We wanted to understand what the limits where with the humans.  In order to understand these limits we had to test them.  We are proud of our education and rankings obtained.  But we are allowing humanity to learn on its own now.  Earth is suffering and we don’t want this.  But we do not regret what we have learned.  We are even more advanced because of our experience with the human race and we thank you for that.