Remote Healing

What is Remote Healing Session?

Remote Healing or Distance Healing is a technique used to heal and bring awareness to another’s body without being physically present.  It has been highly effective because with your permission, I can connect into your energy field and “scan” the body.

During my Remote Viewing Training, I was trained how to examine an individual’s body and diagnose medical concerns as well as blocks that stay stagnant within the body. It can be similar to viewing out of body and connecting to the vibration frequency of another.

It will individually targeted to your body.  This is not only limited to the physical body, but the emotional and etheric as well.

How Does it work?

Upon scheduling a Remote Healing Session I will draw an outline of a human figure.  As I scan the body, I can see if there are chakra blocks (similar to Reiki), areas of medical concern, and areas that can be the root cause of emotional distress and blockages.

After the assessment, I will email with the attached drawing of what was discovered as well as ideas that could potentially help in the healing process. This brings much into awareness for you to focus on.  There is also a method similar to reiki where loving energy is sent into the areas in question.

How much does it cost?

The sessions are $55.  They typically take about an hour, but the nice thing is it’s my hour not yours! So I simply email you the results. This is just as intuitive as a channeled or psychic message if one is seeking to know about their individual body including that which blocks our thoughts and transfers into the emotional body.

How do I Book a Session?

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